Checklist of Postcards

Painted by

Ethel and Catherine Tucker

1.   The following is a checklist of the 100 postcards painted by Ethel Tucker, her sister Kate and H. Wood.
2.   The word Bermuda is in some printings of the title and not in others so I have ignored it.
3.   Sometimes there is a date printed close to the signature but I have ignored this too.
4.   Occasionally a card can be found with the same painting but two different titles and I have shown these where known.
5.   I have left the signature column blank if there is no signature on my card. This doesn't mean you won't ever find that card with a signature - it just means mine is printed that way. In fact if anyone can let me know who painted where I have left the space blank please let me know.
6.   Some postcards come with no title at all. With these cards it could mean the title has "slipped" when being reprinted or with some of them the title is on the reverse.

No.1 The Gate to Pembroke Hall C.F. Tucker
No.2 A Home near Elba Beach C.F. Tucker
No.3 An Alley Way, St. George's C.F. Tucker
No.4 A Somerset Highway Unsigned
No.5 Long Bay, Somerset C.F. Tucker
No.6 An Old Homestead, Somerset    
No.7 Lily Field, St. David's Island C.F. Tucker
No.8 Not known to exist    
No.9 Water Front - "Round the Lane" C.F. Tucker
No.10 A Small Home, St. George's C.F. Tucker
No.11 The Old Tucker House - Paget C.F. Tucker
No.12 A St. George's Street C.F. Tucker
No.13 A Garden in Pembroke C.F. Tucker
No.14 Par-La-Ville Gardens C.F. Tucker
No.15 An Ancient Buttery C.F. Tucker
No.16 Walsingham C.F. Tucker
No.17 Cumberland Street, St. George's C.F. Tucker
No.18 On The Prospect Road C.F. Tucker
No.19 Palmetto Vale C.F. Tucker
No.20 Oleanders C.F. Tucker
No.21 Spanish Point H. Wood
No.22 Southampton Ethel Tucker
No.23 Mangrove Bay C.F. Tucker
No.24 Somerset EthelTucker
No.25 The Little Green Door C.F. Tucker
No.26 The Little Green Door C.F. Tucker
No.27 The Little Green Door C.F. Tucker
No.28 Elbow Beach C.F. Tucker
No.29 Grape Bay C.F. Tucker
No.30 Riddells Bay Homestead C.F. Tucker
No.31 The End of the Harbour Ethel Tucker
No.32 Pomander Gate Garden Unsigned
No.32 A Bermuda Garden Unsigned
No.33 The Causeway C.F. Tucker
No.33 Castle Harbour C.F. Tucker
No.34 Coral Beach - East Ethel Tucker
No.35 Coral Beach - West Ethel Tucker
No.36 Paget Shore Ethel Tucker
No.37 Flatts Village C.F. Tucker
No.38 Long Bay Road, Somerset C.F. Tucker
No.39 Harrington Sound C.F. Tucker
No.40 A Bermuda Cottage Ethel Tucker
No.41 Somerset Bridge Ethel Tucker
No.42 Rose Cottage    
No.43 From the Belmont Manor Ethel Tucker
No.44 Morning Lights Ethel Tucker
No.45 Waterville Ethel Tucker
No.46 Castle Harbour Ethel Tucker
No.47 The Crossways, Somerset Bridge Ethel Tucker
No.48 Queen Street, St. George's C.F. Tucker
No.49 Ercidoune - Pembroke    
No.50 A Cottage Garden C.F. Tucker
No.51 Garden at The Horizons    
No.52 Garden at Harmony Hall    
No.53 Lily Garden C.F. Tucker
No.54 The Rectory - Pembroke C.F. Tucker
No.55 Bailey's Bay    
No.56 A St. George's Shore Cottage Ethel Tucker
No.57 Springtime Ethel Tucker
No.58 A Southampton Cottage Ethel Tucker
No.59 King's Point, Somerset Ethel Tucker
No.60 Hamilton Harbour Ethel Tucker
No.61 St, George's EthelTucker
No.62 Waterlot Inn    
No.63 Old Post Office, Mangrove Bay EthelTucker
No.64 South Shore    
No.65 Crowland Bay Ethel Tucker
No.66 Middle Road, Paget Ethel Tucker
No.67 An Oleander Hillside Ethel Tucker
No.68 Not known to exist    
No.69 Not known to exist    
No.70 Red Hole, Paget Ethel Tucker
No.71 Cross-road, Somerset    
No.72 Harmony Hall, Paget    
No.73 A Paget Corner    
No.74 Royal Poinciana EthelTucker
No.75 Devonshire Dock Ethel Tucker
No.76 Quaint Corner Ethel Tucker
No.77 Flatts Village Ethel Tucker
No.78 John Smith's Bay Ethel Tucker
No.79 East Side, Somerset Ethel Tucker
No.80 Waterlot Ethel Tucker
No.81 Cambridge Beaches Ethel Tucker
No.82 The Country Shop Ethel Tucker
No.83 The Passion Flower of Bermuda Ethel Tucker
No.84 Lilies Unsigned
No.85 Cardinal    
No.86 Paget    
No.87 Lion Rock, Patton's Point Ethel Tucker
No.88 From King's Point, Somerset    
No.89 Wee Cottage, Paget    
No.90 House Tops Ethel Tucker
No.91 Keith Hall Road    
No.92 Country Cottage Ethel Tucker
No.93 To The Ferry    
No.94 Horse Shoe Bay Ethel Tucker
No.95 Near Hodsdon's Ferry    
No.96 Ely's Harbour    
No.97 Old Collector's Hill    
No.98 Trinity Road, Bailey's Bay Ethel Tucker
No.99 From the Foot of Scaur Hill Ethel Tucker
No.100 The Harbour Road, Warwick    
No no. The Little Green Door Unsigned

Below is a list of the computer numbers I have.
The last two figures correspond with the original numbers of the postcards:

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