Cats in the Postcard World

A number of Fair Organisers give collectors a postcard when they pay their entry fee. Postcard Clubs sometimes do this too at their annual fair and maybe go on to sell them afterwards for Club funds. Dealers also have produced cards for their customers. Of course, I am only interested in the Cat ones! I will show you here some of those I have collected over the last two decades.

I will begin with some of the postcards published for National Postcard Week, an event which was held annually in early May during the early 1990's. In the late 1990's it was launched each year in April at the York Fair. Currently, it is now held at the same time as the annual PTA Show in London at the end of August.

One of the early National Postcard Week cards - "Bonny, Rufus and Auntie Locki" by Jane Hallam.

Artist is Pamela Bassett, published by Brenda Goodwin - "Send a postcard during National Postcard Week".

An Olympic year card, the bubble at the bottom reads "Is there marble shooting at the Olympics? There oughta be!

This is a privately produced card. Americans as individuals
have always been very keen on publicising
their National Postcard Week, and frequently
at the same time advertising for cards for their collections.

The following eight postcards have all been produced by Fair Organisers to give to collectors who attend their Fairs.

The first, No.9 in the series produced by the Postcard Traders Association for their annual London Fair, known as Bipex for many years, and although its name has changed, in the minds of all people who knew it at that time it is still fondly called Bipex!
Second and third are numbered Cardexpo 9 and 1 for York CardExpo International held at the Race Course in York every year.

No.4 was designed by Barbara Clemence for the 1989 Nottingham Postcard and Cigarette Card Fair.
No.5 was not for a specific fair, but to give all six dates of Collectors Treasures Fairs during 1989.
No.6 was designed by Brian Partridge. Souvenir Postcard No.8 for Twickenham Postcard and Paper Fair.

The last two were both produced by Postcard Clubs for their annual fairs. On the reverse of the Canterbury Postcard Club card - CANTERBURY PILGRIMS - With acknowledgements to George Studdy, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Herouard, Donald McGill, Louis Wain, Phil May, Millicent Sowerby, Bamforth "War Cartoons" series, and Pat Sullivan Studios.
On the reverse of the West London Postcard Club card - "All these postcards make me feel quite mad!" cried Alice angrily stamping her foot. "It would be of more use if you stamped the cards not your foot" purred the cat. "They weren't meant just for show you know". Illustration adapted from a Tenniel original by Brian Partridge and hand coloured by Ken Reilly. The Club also mention their monthly meetings.

The following eight cards were given at the Bloomsbury Fair held in London every month.

B31 designed by Teresa Schofield, B4 designed by Richard Blake and B182 designed by Deborah King.

Three sporting cards designed by Toni Goffe, nos. B156, B157 and B166.

Three more by Toni Goffe numbered B159, B158 and B176.

These show a dealer's promotional cards. Doug and Dory of Solent City Postcards published the first and last. The coloured one says "A purr-fect day out with Douglas and Dory " and the black and white one says "A day at the fair with Douglas and Dory". Then came the promotional card for Riverside Jazz. Doug plays the trumpet, Dory the keyboard and Tony Goffe, the artist plays the double bass. So no.B164 was cat-caricatured by Toni for Bloomsbury. He studied art at Southampton College of Art, and has played in various jazz bands, including Acker Bilk's.

Finally, three cards published by two magazines. The first celebrates the 200th issue of Picture Postcard Monthly, the second its hundredth issue, and the third the fifteenth year of publication of The British Postcard Collectors Magazine by Ron Griffiths (King of the Mods.) Artist is Rick Geary.

Updated 21.9.09